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Are Cheap Lawn Mowers worth buying?

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The word cheap is relative, especially when used to describe machines. Lawn mowers for instance have moving parts that need maintenance. The mower also runs on fuel, and as such you can never term it as cheap or expensive without putting such factors into consideration. With that in mind, let’s look at the factors that make a less expensive mower seem expensive in the long run. After which, you can consider looking for cheap lawn mowers or lawn mowers with low maintenance costs.

Costs of Maintenance

Before paying less than $100 of a lawn mower that looks too good to be true, consider its costs of maintenance. In most cases, cheap lawn mowers are run by gas. That means you will regularly have to drive to the gas stations to buy its fuel. In addition that, the cheap gas powered mowers probably produce too much carbon emissions. It is a known fact. And unless you don’t care about the environment and your health, you can consider buying it.

Ease of Use

Sometimes you may find great low cost mowers that are very easy to use. Unfortunately, you can only find one among many. Instead, most of the cheap machines are started by a cord starter for instance. The cord starter works fine if you have some little energy in you, but they also fail at times. As such, it is important to invest in a machine that may also have an electric starter. And if you are buying a cheap gas powered mower, be sure that its design protects you against the mess that comes with fuels. If the fuel refill for instance is difficult to reach, you will probably mess yourself at times with fuel. Again, old fuel tends to affect the machine’s performance, unless it is designed in a way you can empty fuel every time you mow.

Size of the cutting width

Cheap lawn mowers are great if your lawn size is small. If not, invest in a bigger sized mower. The huge size in the more expensive machines usually is reflected in their cutting widths. And that makes them faster when dealing with bigger sized lawns. They also help you save your energy, because they after all mow more grass faster.

In conclusion, your budget may have a big say on the mower you end up with, but ensure you can at least see value in it.

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