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Jobs for Russian Speakers in US


Do you have a dream of working in the US? If yes, listen carefully because maybe you are an application short of working in your favorite city in the states. There are particular jobs for Russian speakers in US. In the next few minutes we shall highlight these jobs, some of which you could work while at the comfort of your house.

Relationship manager

If you are a relationship manager who speaks Russian, you should be earning more than you probably do. There are dozens of companies in the US that employ Russian speakers as managers in different departments. Relationship managers are a common target for corporations that need to boost their relationship with Russian American business owners.


Being a receptionist might not be a dream job for most people, but it is a job ever on high demand to Russian speakers. Hospitals lead as the biggest employers in this case, closely followed by insurance companies and the legal professions. You see, you don’t have to be the reception of a small market. You could work for a major law firm in New York City for the simple reason that you can speak Russian.


Somehow ignored professions, but these two professions are currently on a high demand in the US. They are also some of the best paying jobs for Russian speakers in US. And the reason is simple. The millions of Russians in the US certainly have problems, but most of them only speak up to people who can understand their language. Do you think you are that person? Start seeking licenses or make applications. You have to be qualified and verified to a work as a psychologist however.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching is one of the most gratifying jobs, in all honesty. And in the US, teachers who can speak the Russian language are on a high demand. The demand is mainly in colleges and Universities. However Russian Americans are also some of the biggest providers of jobs for Russian speakers in US. Some of them want their kids to grow up knowing fluent Russians after all.

Sales and Marketing

If you are good at sales and marketing, there are thousands of American businesses that need your services. The businesses know you can earn them a lot of money from Russian speakers.

Finally, you can also apply for translator jobs. They are easier to do, and in some companies you earn quite a lot of money.

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