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Some Rabbit cages indoor

Securing your rabbits indoors can be a challenging task but doing it can save you from too much worry when you are not around to watch over the rabbits. Rabbits can be trained just like a dog or a cat and serve all the purposes of your favorite pet. To keep your rabbits, you cant ry the following;

Pet Pen


This pen offers the rabbits a large area to move around freely and climb up and down in the area. This can be permanent in your house and come with covers and a small door to allow easy accesibility. Caution has to be exercised however when it comes to the materials used to make the boundaries. The rabbits will constantly try to chew through the boundaries in their efforts to escape and this will make you consider using heavy material such as metal paper clips. The base should also be suitable and a consideration should be given to the carpet that is nonsynthetic in nature as this can easily be repalced when worn out. So if you have enough room, you can set up a permanent rabbit pen or break up an area specifically for them.

Free Roaming

Leaving your rabbits free may seem an ideal answer but looking at the actual tasks involved may make you think otherwise. Rabbits can move around, chew on the carpets, walls, door frames and leave their toilet everywhere in the process. In addition rabbits are very territorial and once they mark their territory they can do a lot of harm and leave a lot of toilet and mess. Making your house totally bunnyfree is expensive in the long run considering the damages the rabbits will do.

Dog Cage

This Rabbit Expert is a relatively simple and cheap alternative for keeping your rabbits secure and safe in the case where they are unsupervised. The large dog cage gives more room for the rabbits to bounce around and stretch freely. The cage can also be moved around easily as it can be folded easily. The top of the cage should be have a cover to prevent the rabbits jumping over and getting stuck in the mesh. The feeding trays being shallow can easily be messed and may need constant replaced. It is good to train the rabbits and have the non synthetic base with the tray placed in one corner. Essentially, the large dog pen will make better enclosures to the rabbits. But care should be taken considering the rabbits can chew on the wood .


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